helping missionaries help special people

helping missionaries help special people

What Your Lawyer Will Help You Understand About the H1b Visa

Suzanne Hamilton

Many immigrants dream of living and working in the US. The law allows you to do so under different visas such as H-1B. Acquiring this visa can be long and complicated because it requires compliance with strict guidelines and depends on factors like age, marital status, past criminal history, among other things. Luckily, a lawyer can help you navigate this process. Here's what they'll help you understand about this visa.

It Is Temporary

This visa is temporary and is valid for a few years, depending on your contract with your employer. If there are no complications in the application process, it can be extended. There are several ways for you to get your H1b visa. You can apply directly with the USCIS. You may also find out about the process through an immigration lawyer.

Immigration attorneys understand what is required to obtain this visa. They'll explain the whole process to you, right from filling out the forms, visiting the USCIS office, and undergoing medical tests. They'll also prepare you for the interview and other steps you need to complete your application. If you intend to change jobs, they'll explain to you in detail the rules that apply to enable you to make the right decision.

It Allows You to Work in Many Industries

You can work in any industry related to the field you've studied in, as long as it's a specialty occupation. Your employer can hire you for a specific position or give you a job title, which could be anything from engineer to computer programmer. You can also get an H1b visa for your spouse and kids if they're studying in the US.

Immigration lawyers know all the fields an H1B visa can be used for. They'll explain the criteria you need to meet to qualify and the different steps you need to take to apply. They'll also prepare you for the detailed paperwork you need to complete. This can be done online, where you'll be allowed to follow the application process right from your home or office. A lawyer will also tell you where the jobs are located and help you decide the best cities or towns for you and your family.

It Doesn't Prohibit You From Seeking Permanent Residency

Becoming a permanent residence comes with a host of privileges. It can enable you to apply for your spouse and children and become permanent residents and give you access to opportunities in the US. An immigration attorney can help you decide if becoming a permanent resident is right for you. They'll also tell you instances when your H1b visa may be revoked.

An H1b visa offers you a quick way to migrate to the US. A lawyer can help you understand everything associated with this process to make the right decision.


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