helping missionaries help special people

helping missionaries help special people

Critical Services That Experienced Immigration Lawyers Routinely Offer

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Newcomers to this country can find its immigration laws confusing and difficult to abide by. They may not fully understand what is expected of them once they are issued a visa. They also may not be sure of what kind of work they can do and for how long they can stay.

To ensure that immigrants do not break the law while they are in the country, they need to learn quickly how the laws apply directly to them. They can get the assistance that they need by hiring immigration lawyers to advise and represent them.

Understanding Work Requirements

People who come to the country on work visas need to understand what kind of work that they are allowed to do. If they come here on a specialized visa, for example, they may need to work within their specified industry or career. They cannot take jobs that are not allowed by the terms of their visas.

An immigrant who comes here on a specialized visa to work as a doctor, for example, cannot quit their job to work as a teacher or construction worker. Someone who comes here to work as a teacher likewise must remain in that profession and avoid switching to working in another industry. If they fail to abide by the employment terms of their visas, specialized workers could be at risk of being deported.

Immigrants who are not sure of what jobs they can take while in the country on work visas can consult with immigration attorneys for help. They can find out what jobs that they can take, where they can work, and what fields to avoid to comply with the current work visa laws.

Abiding by Resident Visa Terms

Similarly, people who are in the country on resident visas may not be allowed to work over a certain number of hours. They may need to work part-time jobs or remain in school. They also may need the relatives that sponsored them to remain in the country and avoid going home if they themselves want to avoid being deported.  If they want to change their visa status, they need to hire immigration attorneys to file the paperwork and secure new visas for them.

Immigration attorneys guide and counsel newcomers to the country. They assist with explaining current visa laws and ensuring that visa holders comply fully with the terms of their visas. 

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helping missionaries help special people

One of the greatest things about being a member of my church is getting to meet people from all over the world. We bring missionaries in to speak for special events, and some of them bring guests from other countries with them. Last year, one man brought a woman and her child with him to an event, and they were the nicest people I have ever met. She told of her struggles at home and how she faced such extreme situations each day. Our church was able to help her get an immigration attorney and helped her stay in the country.