helping missionaries help special people

helping missionaries help special people

The 4 Fast Avenues to Securing U.S. Citizenship for You and Your Family

Suzanne Hamilton

Coming to start a new life in the United States isn't as easy as boarding a plane and signing a lease. If you or your immediate relatives have intentions of becoming U.S. citizens, it is highly advised that you go a family immigration attorney. With your attorney, you can figure out which one of these four preferred methods of obtaining U.S. citizenship will work best for your family.

1. Prove That You Are Capable of Hosting and Supporting Your Relatives - If you, your spouse, a child, or a blood sibling already have their permanent green card, you may be able to get sponsored for citizenship by filing the right petition. Of course, knowing how to fill out one of these petitions properly is a lot easier said than done. Your family immigration attorney should be able to tell you what documentation is necessary, and help you get it submitted right away.

2. Secure Employment Offers - According to CNN, it is highly probable that U.S. immigration laws are destined to be changed in the near future. As such, hiring a family immigration attorney now can help you to get sponsored by your employer while current U.S. immigration law is in effect. Doing this will aid you in getting on the fast track to permanent U.S. citizenship while you continue to work and support your family.

3. Tie the Knot - While you should never, ever get married for the sole purpose of securing U.S. citizenship, marrying your love can absolutely make the path to becoming a permanent resident of the United States considerably easier. Only a family immigration attorney can advise you on how to prepare for you and your new spouse's meeting with U.S. immigration officers, so schedule a consultation and get the money you need ready to hire a competent legal expert.

4. Apply for the Right Type of Visa - The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has a host of information that families of foreign individuals wishing to apply for citizenship can read to better understand their rights. Although you can print out and fill out a petition for U.S. citizenship on your own, if you do so without consulting with an attorney, you may not fill in the correct information. Be aware of the specific kind of petition you need to submit for citizenship in your case, and you will only have to wait until you receive notification of approval.


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helping missionaries help special people

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